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Strawberry tree honey

The strawberry tree is an evergreen plant typical of the Mediterranean scrub, very widespread especially in central-southern Italy and the major islands, but it is almost exclusively in Sardinia that we find the production of this typically autumnal honey. It is one of the rarest and most expensive honeys, with a slightly bitter taste reminiscent of chicory, with an amber color and a pungent scent.

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Uses and combinations
Due to its particular flavour, strawberry tree honey is not very suitable as a sweetener; in fact, it usually accompanies dishes which also have a bitter aftertaste such as artichokes and thistles, or, by contrast, you can try pairing it with full-fat dairy products. and sweets, such as ricotta, mascarpone, or delicate cheeses such as Robiola.

Beneficial properties
Strawberry tree honey is known for its antiseptic properties.


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